New Rare Spares Loyalty Programme

A new Rares Spares Club Member Loyalty Programme has been set up.

You must have a RS loyalty card to get a club discount from now on. Discount can be obtained for online purchases also when you sign in. Any club member presenting the loyalty card will automatically earn points for the club.

If you have not already done so, register your details, and RS will send out your loyalty card. Register at their site here:

On the top right hand corner, click Sign In, then click Register.

Fill in the required details and be sure to check YES when asked are you a member of a club.

After clicking Register, it will ask you to identify which club, select 'FE - FC Car Club Of NSW'. Once a committee member confirms your membership, Rare Spares will post you out a discount card.

Don't wait till you need to buy something, as the loyalty card needs to be printed and posted to your mailbox.

Additional information