2015 Life Members

At our Annual General Meeting in May 2015, two of our members were awarded Honorary Life Membership:

  • Colin Allsopp (Member #1)
  • Craig Wilson (Member #2)

Congratulations to these worthy recipients.

Colin Allsopp

Colin is a Foundation Member of the club, being present when the club was formed at the very first meeting in 1981. Colin holds membership #1 within the club. Colin has a wealth of information about FE/FC's and is always willing to share his knowledge with other club members. I speak from personal experience when I say that Colin is also willing to be hands on and offer members his assistance when completing repairs or when making modifications to club cars.

Colin has been an active participant throughout his 34 year membership of the club. He has also played an active part in the running of the club and held many club positions over the years. Some of these positions include:

  • Treasurer from 1985 - 1988;
  • Social Coordinator from 1998 -2000;
  • Assistant Treasurer from 2000- 2001;
  • Quartermaster from 2000 - 2004.

Craig Wilson

Craig could be considered to be the Father of the club. He actively played a part in the formation of the club through the gathering of details of interested FE/FC owners, including the placement of an advert in Custom Rodder. This desire to form a club led him to meet Trevor Paige, who was also gathering details of interested FE/FC owners, and together they put together the first ever meeting of our club. Naturally this also makes Craig a Foundation Member and he holds membership #2 within the club.

Craig has been an active member of the club and participated in many of the runs and activities over the past 34 years. Craig is always willing to assist fellow club members with any information regarding FE/FC's and I can speak from personal experience where he has also been hands on and given up his time to assist members when conducting repairs or modifications to their club cars. He is also known to lend specialised equipment and to help locate that elusive part.

Craig has played an active part in the running of the club through his involvement on the club's committee. Craig held the position of Social Coordinator from 1994 – 2004, with the exception of 1 or 2 years over this time.

As a Foundation Member, the person instrumental in the formation of the club and his involvement since its inception, Craig qualifies for recognition through Life Membership of the club.