Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to membership of the club.

Mailing List and Members' Discussion

For the benefit of members who are unable to make it to meetings, we publish a members-only mailing list and have a members area within the club forum where club business is discussed and the magazine Sideplate is made available for download.


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Club Plates

Our club offers Concessional Registration for Historic (original/restored/authentic) or Classic (modified) vehicles, otherwise known as Club Plates. Vehicle usage under either scheme is via the 60 Day Log-Book provided by the RMS.
There are a number of criteria that club members must meet, and there are limitations on the use of the vehicle imposed by the RMS, but the savings on an annual basis are significant. Yearly conditional registration is around $54 for Historic and $120 for Classic, including green slip.

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We regularly publish our newsletter Sideplate, which is posted online, emailed or printed and posted to all club members, as well as affiliated clubs.


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